Industry Partners

  • ASEAN Federation of Glass Manufacturers Official journal of the AFGM
  • The All India Glass Manufacturers' Federation Preferred international journal of AIGMF in association with Kanch
  • Assovetro Preferred journal of Assovetro
  • ATIV Official journal of ATIV
  • British Glass An active member of British Glass
  • Conference on Glass Problems Official journal of GPC
  • HVG DGG Partner journal of DGG
  • ESMA - Driving Print Excellence Preferred journal of ESMA
  • The European Container Glass Federation Preferred journal of FEVE
  • Friends of Glass Official partner of Friends of Glass
  • Glass for Europe Preferred journal of Glass for Europe
  • Glass Global Preferred journal of Glass Global
  • GlassPrint Official journal of GlassPrint
  • GMIC - Glass Manufacturing Industry Council Preferred journal of GMIC
  • Function Meets Glass Media partner of Function Meets Glass
  • Glass Packaging Institute Preferred journal of Glass Packaging Institute
  • International Partners in Glass Research Preferred journal of International Partners in Glass Research
  • Mir Stekla (World of Glass) Main information partner of Mir Stekla (World of Glass)
  • Speciality Graphic Imaging Association Active member of SGIA
  • Union of Architects of Russia Preferred journal of the Union of Architects of Russia
  • BV Glas Preferred journal
    of BV Glas

  • Glass Alliance Europe Preferred journal of
    Glass Alliance Europe


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